"What would you say to others about training with Niki?
Do not hesitate. I really believe this is the way forward for addressing chronic disease generally. Niki presents this is an easy to understand format with a straightforward methodical approach. I had already done a lot
of reading around the ATP material and have 25 years experience as a
cardiothoracic ITU sister so the cardiology side of things is music to
my ears! Coming down to your study day had given me the confidence to
forge ahead now and I still managed to learn loads.
So from a cardiothoracic specialist's position you did brilliant!

"The CFS seminar was perhaps the most useful and enjoyable seminar I have ever been to and feels like it will be hugely significant – indeed, course-changing - professionally and personally. I look forward to being part of your group and continuing to learn so much from your incredible depth and extent of knowledge.

Thank you for all the time and work you put in to making the seminar as informative and useful as it was - it is really really appreciated.It is so refreshing to come across someone with such generosity of spirit underpinning their desire to share what they’ve learnt with other practitioners for the benefit of many clients.

I look forward to being part of your group and continuing to learn and develop. Can’t wait to use the material with my ME (and other) clients!

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